Confident and friendly, Morris is known for the professional manner to which he approaches work and life. He believes that customers should always have first priority and he consistently seeks positive outcomes for all parties to a transaction. 

Morris’ ability to speak fluent Mandarin enhances his aptitude for create rapport with Asian clientele, which he combines with a broad knowledge of Asian culture. Complemented by his established international client database and connections, it consistently proves to be of great assistance in both the buying and selling process.

With a background in engineering, Morris is exceptionally good at finding a solution to handle different, complex situations. He is skilled at negotiation and always ensures every client has been provided with the very top level of services they deserve, because he knows the honour and the responsibility of being entrusted with one of your most valuable assets. 

It is imperative to Morris that your selling experience with him remains as stress free as possible, and that you achieve the results you deserve. The biggest compliment for Morris that can be given is receiving referrals from past clients and friends.